Become A Senior ESB Coach | Effective School Boards

Certification as a national Senior ESB Coach last five years and requires all of the standard ESB Coach requirements be met along with the addition Senior Coach competencies (SC 1-12).

Senior Coach Requirements


  1. All ESB Coach requirements & be an ESB Coach for at least 1 year
  2. Distinguish between governance logic models and management logic models
    • Management Cycle: Goals & Guardrails → Strategic Plan → Resources → Planning → Activities → Fidelity → Midterms → Results → Impact → Goals & Guardrails
    • Governance Cycle: Vision & Values → Goals & Guardrails → Inputs [ strategic plan, resources, planning ] → Outputs [ activities, fidelity, midterms ]→ Outcomes [ results, impact, goals & guardrails ]→ Vision & Values
  3. Summarize the interaction between logic models and assessment types
    • Diagnostic: occurs between Planning and Activities
    • Formative: occurs between Activities and Fidelity
    • Interim: occurs between Fidelity and Midterms
    • Summative: occurs between Midterms and Results


  1. Complete at least one sprint of the 50% Mindset
  2. Coach at least two school boards to 80%+ (or Lead Senior Coach approved threshold)
  3. Accurately score three research papers using PEARLS
  4. Pass the Senior ESB Coach school board governance quiz


  1. Complete at least 15 ESB mindset practices (you can only guide others through practices you have completed)
  2. Complete an Advanced Mindset workshop
  3. Guide at least three ESB Coach Candidates through their initial 5 practices
  4. Facilitate both the Knowledge & Skill workshop and the Mindset workshop
  5. Calibrate on the ESB Coach Candidate facilitation evaluation with 95%+ accuracy